Breaking the Silence of Abuse

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Once separated by time and iron bars James is now back and claiming to be a changed man. But for every time Lisa says "no" a little more of who he really is resurfaces. James Harris is the man Lisa Jenson thought she would marry. He turned out to be the man who would almost kill her. Twice!

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Healing the Rage Within is the true life story of Yuoranda Walker. In her book she talks about the effects of being sexually abused and raped and how her rage almost destroyed her life.

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Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid (DDBS for short): Michael Anderson's Fight For Life is a fictional memoir addressing child sexual abuse and teenage suicide (and how it affects the church and secular world). DDBS is how Michael Anderson saw the world. Who would hear him? His cry for help would shake a congregation.

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The Plus Factor is an autobiographical account of my journey from tragedy to triumph. It is a survivor's story that describes in vivid detail what happens when love becomes violent. Domestic violence did not ruin my life: it gave me a second chance to live, all the while learning to love myself again in the process. If my story mirrors your life, know that there is help available for you.

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Domestic violence has been increasing, regardless of nationwide polls and pacifying statistics. Some may not report the abuse, and a disproportionate number of victims are depending upon a “Restraining Order” to elucidate such an undetected form of mental illness. In this Workbook, you and I will take on this mental illness like never before. Contrary to the traditional analysis and conception that incline to see it as just a problem, there’s more. I’ve been in domestic violence programs that are effective only on paper and while in class. Consequently, intervention can no longer be the brightest idea when there’s an imperative prognosis. We’d like to believe that by discussing what has occurred will change things. Until now, here’s a mental illness that must be dealt with by going to the root.

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Some people wonder just why they were born. I must admit, I did the very same thing. Additionally, I learned very early in life that unless I made some drastic changes, my life would remain mediocre at best. Molested, mentally abused, and pregnant at age 14, Veronda thought there was no life outside of her down town village. Little did she know God had a plan to turn those trials to triumphs? As you read this account of Veronda’s life, you will laugh, cry and maybe even wonder. Eventually you will see that all things are possible if you just believe. And, you will find that His Grace is Sufficient !!

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12 women, victims, survivors, reborn, and redeemed… shocking and inspirational, hair raising stories…

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I am sharing my story with you, so others, who have judged me without knowing the silent pain that I carried, will finally understand. “Never judge a book by its cover, first open it and read it.” So as the Bible says, I am making it plain, and writing it on tablets--making my life that open book; a book that includes a vision of hope, faith and victory that many desire, but few have claimed.



 This is part two of the Vanessa's Choice saga. Follow Vanessa as she relives three decades of pain, torture, grief, love, solitude, and deals with betrayal and growing up in a world where she feels unwanted and unloved.

Vanessa's story starts at the age of twelve where she feels unwanted and unloved by her mother. Ultimately, she has the opportunity to move to Colorado to live with her father and stepmother and what she finds there will not only break her spirit and change her life forever, but she realizes that she left her mother's security for a home of abuse and anger.

Vanessa ultimately goes through unimaginable things as a teenager and carries a hurt and pain buried deep inside her soul, that is, until certain situations bring it all out and up to the surface.

How does she deal with anger? Love Disloyal friends? You will be shocked as you read this page-turner and nothing will seem as it really appears in this autobiography.

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